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SmartCoat Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) is applied by spraying on to all designated surfaces, or any other surface such as walls, ceilings, curtains, cupboard, cushion and almost every surface, even glasses, which required full transparency. This is because the TiO2 comes in the form of very fine particles (2-3 nm), thus it will form a transparent film on hard surfaces such as glasses and tiles. Once the nano film is formed, its scratchproof hardness will reach 4H. Our car’s hardness is only 2H. However, on soft surfaces such as fabrics, SmartCoat will penetrate into these fabrics to cover all the linens within it.
Upon the application of SmartCoat Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) coating onto surfaces, it will form a thin layer of film on hard surfaces, however o soft surfaces like fabrics or carpets, the product will be penetrated inside these surfaces. The product will be dried off almost instantaneously. It will take a few minutes to form a scratch proof hardness of 4H on the hand surfaces. However, the layer of our photo-catalyst coating will start working immediately after it has been applied. Light must be in existence for the coating to work at it’s full capacity.

When contact with lights (normal fluorescent light or direct sunlight or even heat), it will trigger the photo-catalyst process of our product. When contacted with lights, the TiO2 will have a very strong decomposition power, decomposing anything that is organic in nature (micro-organisms) which comes into contact with or onto the treated area. Bacteria, viruses, funguses and many other airborne contaminants are organic in nature.
Just recently, SmartCoat is combined its technology with a electrostatic coating technology. SmartCoat is now using the electrostatic sprayer system to apply its TiO2. This made SmartCoat the first and only and only Tio2 applicator using such an advanced technology. With the electroctatic sprayer we achieve:

more than 99% coverage during applications

less wastages

finer mists

better bonding strengths between SmartCoat and the applied surfaces

faster application time as compared to normal spray paint gun


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